What is a Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinner is a type of toy that is highly marketed to relieve stress and get your mind off from the things that stress you at the moment. This type of tool was created for kids suffering from ADHD, anxiety and autism condition. At present, it is now gaining popularity despite being considered as a low technology game.

However, research also shows that this type of sensory or fidget game provides a distraction to students and lessens their ability to focus. Because of this, teachers are banning this type of game in the classrooms.

On the other hand, this little gadget is a perfect toy for children suffering from these conditions to manage their fidgety behaviors and the effect of this game to the kids with special needs have proved this to be an effective tool.

How does this game work?

Fidget spinners have small bearings and they spin between the player’s fingers. The toy looks like a plastic flat gadget that has different dials and buttons perfect for the fidgeting hands. According to a user, the rotating motion provides a great experience for the kids. Not only that, the game poses an extreme challenge to the player because he needs to maintain the tossing, twirling, and transfer of spins.

The new trend of game

All of a sudden, this game emerged from nowhere and it creates a trend in social media. People now want to excel in the game and because of this, many users are going to youtube for instructional videos about how to play the game and learn the techniques on how to become a fidget spinner master.

Day by day, as the toy becomes more and more famous the game becomes the must have craze toy. In fact, last December 2016, Google searches for this games was non-existent. Unlike today, more people are posting on social media about this game and there is a marked increase in the number of people embracing the game.

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